Lords Of Magic is an adult themed, sci-fi thriller that follows renegade quantum physicist, Abigail Lords, and her brother, Christopher Lords, as they unravel the mystery of their mother’s horrific death by dark magic. Their quest for answers is fueled by deadly necessity as the same curse that killed their mother has now struck Abigail’s daughter, Katelyn.

To break the curse, Abigail and Christopher will dive deep into a world of ancient magic and modern science. Together they will peel back the layers of reality to crack the code of magic and wield the very power that threatens to destroy their family.

The Lords begin their journey out of desperation, but ultimately, their goal extends beyond survival. Abigail and Christopher want revenge, revenge and the power to exact it. In the end, they will have both, but it will come at a price so high that it might tear the Lords family apart once and for all.